born2move Bootcamp

WHAT (scroll down for more details)
  • Functional exercises
  • Customised to your metabolism and your muscle fibre type
  • Regular fitness tests
  • Suitable for all fitness levels
  • Small groups
  • Multiple locations and times
  • Outside in the fresh air
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  • A REVOLUTIONARY GROUP TRAINING, NUTRITION AND LIFESTYLE PROGRAM. There is literally NOTHING LIKE IT (group fitness training, nutrition and lifestyle program that uses real life functional exercises, real life nutritional and lifestyle programs tailored to each individual's metabolism and vocation). This is NOT the next fad. This is a world leading revolution that will shake up the fitness industry. We lead and others will follow (think Apple or Warren Buffet).
  • REAL LIFE EXERCISES for REAL PEOPLE who want REAL RESULTS. You're not a full time, professional athlete (although you can still come along if you are). You've got a job, you have family commitments, you've got a bung shoulder or knee from an old rugby or netball injury so you can't do press ups or lunges, you have limited time to train AND YOU WANT RESULTS
  • WE PUT THE FUN BACK INTO FUNCTIONAL EXERCISES. Seriously! When were press ups EVER a functional exercise? We use proven, real life multi-joint functional exercises (pushing, pulling, carrying, throwing, jumping, walking, running, climbing, etc.,) that strengthen your muscles, ligaments, bones, heart, lungs and brain and greatly improve the quality of your everyday lives. We might chuck in the odd set of press ups here or there for a bit of variety but we don't base out whole training program around them.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL. We tailor your training, your nutrition and your lifestyle program TO YOU. YOU are highly individual. You shouldn't train, eat and live like everyone else.
  • SUITABLE, AND CUSTOMISED, FOR ALL. From absolute beginners to elite athletes. We tailor your training, nutrition and lifestyle program to your metabolism, your goals, your experience, your vocation, your commitments and your likes.
  • SOCIAL. It's not just about the training. It's about a community, meeting like-minded people, making new friends, networking, doing fun, rewarding (and sometimes challenging bootcamp and non-bootcamp) things together outside Bootcamp.
  • AFFORDABLE (casual rates, weekly rates and monthly rates, make up sessions, unlimited sessions, holiday or sickness breaks,).
  • No joining fees
  • No long term contracts
  • MULTIPLE AUCKLAND LOCATIONS AND TIMES. Check out our timetable for times and locations
  • NO PUMPED UP, SCREAMING, TESTOSTERONE OVERLOADED, NARCISSISTIC TRAINERS. We only employ passionate, energetic, outgoing, attentive trainers who will support you every step of the way so you consistently get the results you desire in the quickest, safest way.
  • SMALL GROUPS. Limit of 20 bootcampers per session (bookings are essential)
  • YOU'VE TRIED THE REST, NOW TRY THE BEST. What have you got to lose...apart from a few kilos of excess weight, 10.1% body fat, 8.8 centimetres from your belly and thighs and 1.75 seconds off your PhosphoCreatine, 7.2 seconds off your Anaerobic and 38.5 seconds off your Aerobic fitness tests!