born2move Running Groups Auckland

  • A group to run with, several times per week, in all kinds of weather.
  • A customised, progressive, personal training program/schedule to lead you towards your goal.
  • Unlimited access (face to face, phone, email etc) to a coach (who is also a current, competitive runner).
  • Lots of support and camaraderie!
  • Time trials and races to monitor improvements in your health/fitness/performance.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Suitable for all fitness levels

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  • Running is more fun when running together.
  • Runners love to share training advice, training and racing experience, stories (gossip, current affairs etc) and pull one another along making the kilometers go by much more quickly.
  • Running helps reduce stress.
  • Running burns lots of calories and is a great weigh management/weight loss tool.
  • Runners get as much out of giving support to others, as in receiving it.
  • Lifelong friendships are formed in target-oriented, but relaxed running groups.
  • If a runner has a coach and a group waiting for them, they're more likely to turn up. This increases motivation and training adherence resulting in improved health/fitness/performance.
  • Safety in numbers (especially when running at night).
  • You want to complete/compete an upcoming event (our runners are currently training for O'Hagans 5k, YMCA 10k, Run Auckland 5 & 10k series, North Shore Coastal Challenge, Auckland/Rotorua/Christchurch ¼, ½, full marathon, Ironman, Tarawera 100k, Sydney City to Surf 14k, Stroke and Stride, Contact Tri Series)