Mums and bubs bootcamp

A bootcamp for mums and bubs. But don't let the word "bootcamp" put you off. This 'AINT no army training camp with shouty drill instructors forcing you to do hundreds of press ups and pack marches! We're not saying it will be easy, but we won't make it any more challenging than it needs to be.

What mum doesn't want to feel their best, and get back into shape after having children? But finding time to exercise with a new baby is a challenge in itself.

We understand that it is hard trying to find some “you” time, let-alone the guilt, and cost, of leaving your child with someone else so you can go and exercise.

At the born2move mums and bubs bootcamp, you'll...
  • Meet other mums and bubs who share the motivation to train, and work-alongside each other to get results.
  • Do a variety of exercises/movements while socialising and exchanging mum and bub tips
  • Get to work out with your bub and set a great example for their future
  • Have access to a qualified and experienced trainer who will train you appropriately.
  • Learn what movement is right for YOUR body (the right intensity, the right duration and the right frequency)
  • Learn what nutrition is right for YOUR body (more carbs/less carbs, more antioxidants/less antioxidants, more chocolate/less chocolate)
  • Get back in shape and feel better about your post-baby body